MSC Software acquires e-Xstream

The combined entity will bring advanced material simulation to customers, reducing the cost of component testing.

MSC Software (Santa Ana, Calif.) recently announced the acquisition of e-Xstream engineering (Plymouth, Mich.). e-Xstream offers advanced materials simulation and it's software is used across industries to engineer innovative material systems and enable their optimal use to boost product performance. Its offering uses nonlinear micro-mechanics to model a broad range of materials and physics, taking into account their manufacturing processes. e-Xstream's trademarked Digimat product interfaces with most FEA structural analysis codes including MSC Nastran, Marc, Abaqus and ANSYS. By employing material simulation, the testing required to validate advanced materials can be reduced to levels that allow the practical application of these materials in current designs.

Combined with MSC's simulation tools, e-Xstream's technology allows material simulation to
be carried throughout the engineering enterprise to enable advanced failure prediction and the
application of computed margins on structural component parts in situ. Instead of characterizing material margins to apply generically to the parts of a structural system, companies can design components with margins computed directly on the part accounting for design critical loads. The promise of advanced material systems can now be realized in practical engineering.

"e-Xstream is an extraordinary company and the joining of our organizations represents
important new possibilities for our users," said Dominic Gallello, president and CEO of MSC
Software. "Entering a new material into a product can cost manufacturers tens of millions in
physical testing, which limits product possibilities. Our goal is to blur the boundary between
material engineering and structural engineering, allowing for more pervasive use of advanced
materials while helping manufacturers to dramatically reduce the cost of physical testing
needed to validate a new material system."

"We are delighted to join forces with MSC to boost our global reach and continue our
leadership in the area of advanced materials and composite simulation for aerospace,
automotive and many other innovative industries," said Roger Assaker, co-founder and CEO of e-Xstream. "We remain committed to our entrepreneurial high-tech culture to develop, deploy and support advanced material modeling solutions that help all our customers to engineer and use advanced materials with their designs using MSC's or any other CAE solution."

Founded in 2003 as a spin-off of université catholique de Louvain, e-Xstream engineering
( is a software & engineering services company focused on the
multi-scale modeling of composite materials & structures.