Mooney unveils two new composite aircraft at Airshow China 2014

The M10T trainer and M10J for owner-pilots will be made of composite materials, a first for the metal-centric Mooney.

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Mooney International Corp. (Kerrville, Texas, USA) introduced the first new Mooney models since the 2013 restructuring of the company, which were unveiled at the Airshow China 2014 event in Zhuhai, China. The company says these new models, the M10T and the M10J, fill a need and reflect innovation that will provide a steppingstone to the higher-performance Mooney certified M20 series of aircraft. Until now, there has been no trainer in the product line. The two new models will be made with composite materials, a first for the company. Details about materials and where parts will be made have not yet been released.

The M10T is a fixed gear trainer equipped with Continental’s CD-135 diesel engine to train new pilots, geared for flight schools. The M10J represents an upgrade from the M10T airframe with more amenities for the owner-pilot, including retractable gear. In addition, the M10J will be equipped with the larger CD-155 diesel engine. The M10T and M10J engines provide pilots a fueling option of diesel or jet fuel. These two aircraft will service not only the mature western aviation market, but also the fast-growing Chinese market. The M10 series is expected to gain certification and begin deliveries in 2017, says the company.

“We designed the all-new M10J model with longtime Mooney fans in mind. The M20J helped change general aviation by making flying practical to more people across the U.S. Now, the M10J promises to do the same for the world. Not just in the U.S., but also in China as its general aviation industry quickly develops,” said Dr. Jerry Chen, Mooney CEO.

At Mooney’s unveiling ceremony in Zhuhai Dr. Chen said, “I am very excited to officially present the new M10 series of Mooney aircraft for training and performance. These aircraft mark a new beginning for Mooney and are an indication of great product innovation coupled with Mooney’s long line of history-making aircraft.” Mooney was originally established in 1929.