METYX adds warehouse space in Hungary

METYX Composites has increased its facilities for composite technical fabrics, packaging and FRP tooling.

METYX  Composites (Istanbul, Turkey) announced Oct 9 its Hungary factory, located in Kaposvár, has recently expanded its warehousing facilities, adding an additional 3,024 m2 (32,550 ft2) of fully enclosed storage space for composite technical fabrics, packaging and FRP tooling. The extended warehouse has two dedicated areas.

One section has racking for up to 1,300 tonnes of technical fabrics stock, including E-glass, carbon and hybrid multiaxial and woven reinforcements. The other section has been equipped to store and handle large-scale FRP master plugs, molds and components produced typically for wind energy, marine, building and transportation customers in the EU, providing consolidated deliveries of reinforcements, cores, kits, vacuum consumables, tooling and composite components ordered.

This latest expansion is part of the METYX Group’s five year growth plan for the Kaposvár site, announced in Feb., when the company secured a multimillion Euro 50% matched funded incentive package from the Hungarian Government’s Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA).