Meggitt signs F-35 composite countermeasure housings contract

The $15 million contract strengthens the company’s partnership with Chemring Australia and ensures continued supply for an essential aircraft component on the F-35. 


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Meggitt F-35

Source | Meggitt PLC

Meggitt PLC (Dorset, U.K.), a leading international company specializing in high-performance components and subsystems for the aerospace, defense, and energy markets, reports it has signed a $15 million contract with Chemring Australia Pty (Anakie, Australia), for the continued supply of flare countermeasure assemblies on the F-35 fighter jet. The contract award further strengthens the existing partnership between Chemring Australia and Meggitt for the combat aircraft.

Meggitt says countermeasures are critical to pilot survival in a combat environment, providing decoy heat signatures that attract enemy fire, which enables an aircraft to return to base safely. The assembly uses Meggitt’s advanced composite processes, which produce a component capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. The assembly, Meggitt notes, compared to conventional houses, provides significant weight savings.

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