McClean Anderson technology center optimizes filament winding design

The Prototype Education & Technology Center is an R&D center and customer education facility.

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Filament winding equipment specialist McClean Anderson LLC (Schofield, WI, US) has opened the Prototype Education & Technololgy Center (PET) at its Schofield headquarters.

The PET Center, says McClean Anderson, is a research and development center plus customer education facility, designed to help current and potential customers understand the fundamentals of composite materials, and how filament winding might be applied to meet manufacturing requirements. The center also can be used to conduct filament winding trials and manufacturing testing.

The fully equipped PET Center includes:

  • 4-axis Super Hornet filament winding machine with a maximum winding envelope of 760 mm/30 inches in diameter by 2000 mm/79 inches long.
  • 4-spool Digital-Electronic Tensioning System, which accommodates standard 75-mm/3-inch core outside pull materials with a maximum spool size of 300 mm/12 inches diameter by 13.6 kg/30 lb. Tension range: 4.5-45 N (1-10 lbf).
  • 8-spool stationary Bookshelf Creel. Spools of center-pull fiber are placed onto shelving and fiber is redirected through a series of ceramic eyelets.
  • Forced air curing oven capable of 500°F/260C with data logging and thermal profiling.
  • Wide variety of wet-winding and towpreg fiber delivery tooling.

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