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5/31/2011 | 1 MINUTE READ

M.C. Gill to use 3M Matrix Resin epoxy in aircraft interiors

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M.C. Gill has agreed to use 3M Matrix Resin, an epoxy, in commercial and military aerospace interior applications. Also, 3M has invested in GoNano Technologies, a nanotechnology supply firm.


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3M (St. Paul, Minn.) and M.C. Gill Corp. (El Monte, Calif., USA) on May 23 announced the signing of a mutual commercialization and supply agreement that allows M.C. Gill to purchase 3M Matrix Resin (epoxy) for use in commercial and military aerospace interior applications. The resulting composite applications are expected to improve M.C. Gill’s product offerings in terms of weight reduction and strength to weight ratios.

M.C. Gill high-performance composites are used as liners in air freighters and baggage compartments. Additionally, M.C. Gill floor panels and interior panels are standard OEM and replacement equipment on many aircraft. The addition of 3M Matrix Resin is expected to deliver weight reduction in these composites without compromising strength, leading to improved fuel efficiency and better utilization of storage space.

“Early in the development of our matrix resin, we envisioned the possibilities it would unlock in the aerospace interiors market, but we had to find the right company to represent our technology in that arena,” said Vic Genco, general manager for the 3M Engineered Products and Materials Department. “We’re thrilled about the new relationship with M.C. Gill, which has a tremendous reputation in these industries.”

“3M’s matrix resin is a game-changing technology that will make our market-leading solutions even stronger in industries that are primed for this use of high-performance composite,” said Stephen Gill, president and CEO, M.C. Gill Corp. “Our companies have a shared vision of product excellence, and together we’re bringing that vision to the aerospace market.”

In other 3M news, its New Ventures Business has invested in GoNano Technologies Inc. (Moscow, Idaho, USA), a developer and manufacturer of high surface area nanomaterials for pollution control, catalysis composites and sensory technologies. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

GoNano Technologies applies its  silica-based Nanospring technology to solve problems for customers seeking high surface area next generation solutions such as catalytic converters, Carbon Capture & Recycle™ and continuous flow reactors. GoNano Technologies was founded in 2007 for the purpose of commercializing the Nanospring technology platform, which was developed over a decade-long collaboration between Washington State University and University of Idaho.