Matt Hennebry to represent CeraMaterials in Eastern Canada

Hennebry, of Machining Solutions Inc., is known well in the heat-treating and graphite machining industry.

CeraMaterials (Port Jervis, N.Y., USA) reported on Aug. 1 that it has signed Matt Hennebry of Machining Solutions Inc. (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada) as its representative for Eastern Canada.

CeraMaterials says Hennebry is well known in the heat-treating and graphite machining industry in Canada through his work with Machining Solutions. His existing product line includes a variety of machined graphite components for heat treating, foundry, solar and glass manufacturing applications, aligning well with the products offered by CeraMaterials.

CeraMaterials is an international supplier of graphite and ceramic Insulation, carbon composites, machined graphite, ceramics and Moly products mainly for vacuum and process furnace applications. CeraMaterials president, Dr. Jerry Weinstein, said in a statement, "We are very excited to have Matt on board representing CeraMaterials. Matt brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our key market areas in the Canadian market and has already brought in some great new accounts. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Matt."

CeraMaterials has warehouse facilities in New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Texas, California and soon Toronto, to expedite delivery of materials. "