Mastergel completes RTM training in Brazil

Brazilian gelcoat manufacturer and materials distributor Mastergel conducted its first ever resin transfer molding light training session Nov. 28-30 in Joinville, Brazil.

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Mastergel (Joinville, Brazil) reports that the first Mastergel International Training on resin transfer molding (RTM) light took place Nov. 28 to 30 in Joinville. Organized by the gelcoat manufacturer and distributor of raw materials and equipment, Mastergel, the course was conducted by Jose Manuel Bey, Spanish professional with more than 20 years of experience in the RTM process.

“We emphasize the practice, especially regarding the details about the construction of the molds, a crucial step for the success of the RTM light,” says Horst Peterhans, technical advisor of Mastergel. The company is an exclusive distributor in Brazil of Composites Integration, the largest manufacturer of equipment for RTM in the world. “In addition to the tools, the participants were able to make some parts, such as a car roof rack and a fairing,” he said.
 More than 30 people attended the training, and most of them were representatives of companies operating in the transportation, construction and leisure sectors. 

In 2012, Mastergel plans to organize two workshops on RTM Light, as well as courses focused on other composite-processing technologies.
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