Masi Bikes integrates TeXtreme carbon fiber

California-based Masi Bikes uses TeXtreme spread tow carbon fibers to reduce frame mass by 110g and improve overall stiffness.

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Masi Bikes (Vista, CA, US) has announced the introduction of new bicycle frames and forks reinforced by TeXtreme spread-tow carbon fiber fabrics, manufactured by Oxeon (Boras, Sweden). By incorporating TeXtreme into their designs, Masi was able to reduce frame weight by 110g while improving stiffness.

“The goal wasn’t to just make the frame lighter, we also wanted to make it a bit smoother without giving up any drivetrain stiffness. By using TeXtreme, we succeeded in making a frame that gives us what we want from it. Since TeXtreme is so thin we could work with several plies to get the same thickness or less, resulting in significant improvements.” says Masi’s James Winchester.

TeXtreme technology it is based on using spread carbon fiber tows instead of traditional round tows to create ultralight weight, high-performance products. TeXtreme technology is able to maximize the benefits of thin ply principles where research studies have shown the maximum strength until breakage is more than twice as high when compared to conventional carbon fiber fabrics.