Mansory designs luxury carbon fiber riding lawnmower

Developed with partner BSTN Premium Sportswear, the carbon fiber-intensive lawnmower was designed to complement the 25th anniversary of Air Jordans.


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carbon fiber composite lawn mower
Photo Credit: Mansory

According to luxury car customization company Mansory (Brand, Germany), the first Air Jordan XI sneaker was inspired by the design of a ride-on lawnmower. In honor of this connection, for Air Jordan's 25th anniversary this year, Mansory teamed up with Air Jordan’s BSTN Premium Sportswear to develop a one-off ride-on lawnmower designed to complement BSTN’s new Air Jordan XI Jubilee Sneakers.

The resultant BSTN GT XI lawnmower features custom-made carbon fiber body parts and a leather-carbon seat and steering wheel. Its coloring and logos match the anniversary edition of the sneakers.