Mansory Audi RSQ8 conversion incorporates carbon fiber

The high-performance SUV boasts carbon fiber front, side and rear skirts, as well as a composite hood. Carbon fiber trim completes the look.


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Mansory Audi RSQ8 conversion

Photo Credit: Mansory

Following the debut of Mansory’s (Brand, Germany) complete conversion (modification of a gasoline or diesel fueled vehicle to a low emission vehicle standard) of an Audi RS6 in March 2020, the company is now expanding its portfolio, which will now include Audi-brand luxury SUVs, as well as the more recent conversion of an Audi RSQ8. 

Like the conversion of the RS6 station wagon, several body parts and modifications on the RSQ8 incorporate carbon fiber composites, including the front, side and rear skirts. Unlike the RS6, however, the high-performance SUV has a carbon fiber hood (bonnet). All composite components, Mansory notes, are manufactured in the company's own autoclaves. 

The RSQ8 also includes a powerful, biturbo V8 engine, Mansory YN.5 forged wheels and a black paint finish with red decorative stripes. The vehicle is complete with red contrasting seams on all leather components, and a carbon fiber trim. 


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