Magnolia material qualified to Sikorsky specification

Magnolia Plastics' Magnobond 6168-1 A/B aerospace structural epoxy paste adhesive has been qualified to Sikorsky Specification SS8322, Rev. 6

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Magnolia Plastics (Chamblee, Ga., USA) has announced that Magnobond 6168-1 A/B, an aerospace structural epoxy paste adhesive, is now qualified to Sikorsky Specification SS8622, Rev. 6. Magnobond 6168-1 is listed on the Sikorsky SS8622 QPL as Sikorsky Supplier Designation: SS8622-011(A).

Magnobond 6168-1 A/B is now qualified for use as an adhesive/fairing compound for the manufacture and repair of Sikorsky helicopter blades, composite/metal delamination repair, insert bonding, floor board repair and other similar uses. Sikorsky, Sikorsky subcontractors and repair facilities may now use Magnobond 6168-1 A/B (SS8622-011) as an alternative or substitute for SS8622-004.

Magnobond 6168-1 A/B epoxy adhesive application includes:

  • OEM Metal-to-Metal bonding
  • OEM Composite-to-Composite bonding
  • Metal Repair
  • Composite repair
  • Metal Composite sandwich (honeycomb to skin) manufacture or repair
  • Composite sandwich (honeycomb to skin) manufacture or repair.
  • Structural adhesive bonding in areas that require flexibility and good vibration resistance