MA Group and Sichuan Haite Group to develop aerocomposite JV

The companies’ goal is to boost R&D in China for aircraft landing gears and composite components for aircraft.
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The MA Group (Naples, Italy) and Sichuan Haite Group (China) will establish a joint venture (JV) in China to implement MRO, manufacturing and R&D for aircraft landing gears and composite components for aircraft. The two groups signed an agreement at the Paris Air Show on June 17.

Established in 1991, Haite Group is an integrated group base on aviation and industry within China. Sichuan Haite High-tech Co. Ltd., under the Group, is the first private aviation maintenance company, and the first listed company providing comprehensive aviation technical service within China. The company main activities include R&D for airborne equipment, test equipment, high-end equipment, test and maintenance of aviation machinery, electronic equipment, aeroengine maintenance, airframe overhaul and modification, training for pilots, flight attendants and maintenance personnel, aviation finance lease, integrated circuit chip manufacturing, general aviation services and gas turbine projects.

Founded in Italy in 1936, MA Group is a global aerospace technology and manufacturing company that is the world's fifth largest producer of landing gear and a leader in the field of aviation composite materials. The group’s business involves all aspects of design to the development of key components of aircraft, including the R&D and manufacturing of general aviation aircraft, landing gear and aircraft composite structure components. They have a complete integrated production service capability in the aerospace field, covering all stages from design to indoor test and service maintenance.

“This agreement,” says Giorgio Iannotti, senior VP of MA Group, “gives the possibility to increase our network in MRO, to develop a repair station for the needs of our customers and to acquire new ones in Asia market. This jv with Haite Group will be also the possibility to introduce Sky Arrow in the Chinese General Aviation market, as a platform for different Aerial Working Missionsconcluded Mister Iannotti.”

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