Lockheed Martin selects iBASEt digital manufacturing solution

The digital manufacturing suite will be used for tracking prepreg out time on Lockheed Martin’s defense aircraft applications, among other manufacturing operations.
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Lockheed Martin (Ft. Worth, Texas, U.S.) has selected a digital manufacturing suite from with manufacturing software company iBASEt for its military aeronautics division.

iBASEt’s manufacturing execution system (MES) solution reportedly offers plant managers complete visibility into product production, as well as data capture and analysis for for increased efficiency and continuous improvement. 

Among its manufacturing capabilities, the solution includes a process management application called “Out Time Tracker” to track and document how long carbon fiber prepreg spends outside of a temperature-controlled environment prior to layup and cure.

“As iBASEt continues to expand in aerospace and defense on a global scale, our contract agreement with Lockheed Martin showcases the company’s commitment to assisting clients in establishing a foundation for their digital manufacturing,” says Naveen Poonian, president of iBASEt. “iBASEt’s MES solution is designed to help Lockheed Martin modernize manufacturing operations to efficiently meet global demand for aircraft production while helping to reduce operational cost.”


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