LM Glasfiber to expand Chinese composite wind blade facility

The company's newest and third Chinese blade facility, in Qin Huang Dao in the province of Heibei, is slated for expansion even before it makes its first blades.

LM Glasfiber (Kolding, Denmark) a manufacturer of composite blades for wind turbines, announced on Oct. 21 plans to further expand its operations in China. In March 2009, the company announced the construction of its third Chinese facility in Qin Huang Dao in the province of Heibei. This facility had a planned capacity of three production lines, but due to strong customer growth and a positive outlook for the Chinese wind market, LM Glasfiber will add another three production lines. This second phase will thus double the production capacity and bring the total number of employees to about 640. The first blade workshop will produce its first blades in November 2009, and the extension is expected to be commissioned in third quarter 2010.

"China is a strategically important market for LM Glasfiber. Since we opened our first production unit in China eight years ago, we have seen tremendous growth and expanded our local footprint several times already in Tianjin and Urumqi. Our decision to extend our latest unit even before we have started producing blades in the first workshop shows our firm commitment to and belief in the Chinese market," said Ian Telford, VP sales and marketing, who announced the plans at the opening of the largest international wind industry event in Asia, China Windpower.

The capacity expansion in Qin Huang Dao is based on a number of firm contracts signed with Chinese and international wind turbine manufacturers that are expanding business in the growing Chinese market. Telford believes that LM Glasfiber's strength in profile design for extra energy production and expertise in producing longer blades will increase its business with the growing number of sophisticated Asian wind turbine manufacturers.