Spirit AeroSystems debuts next-generation composite fuselage panel

The 18-by-12-foot (5.5-by-3.7-meter) demonstrator panel debuted at the Paris Air Show features integrated skin and stringers and offers substantial cost savings combined with strong performance attributes.


AMRC, Tinsley Bridge develop metal-composite anti-roll bar for trucks and trains

Innovate UK project achieved 65% weight reduction via CFRP stabilizer bar and now tests for service performance and durability.


Boom Supersonic, JPA Design to develop interior for Overture airliner

Boom Supersonic’s Overture Mach-2.2 supersonic aircraft will travel twice the speed of regular aircraft.


EmbraerX unveils new flying vehicle concept for future urban air mobility

The eVTOL design focuses on user accessibility, low noise and the ability for autonomous flight.


SAERTEX provides material for 87.5-meter carbon fiber spar cap

The wind blade spar cap prototype, said to be the longest produced so far, was manufactured via vacuum infusion.


Collaborative robotics system built for larger fiber loads

Cygnet Texkimp’s collaborative robot system is designed to lift packages of fiber weighing up to 35 kilograms.


Triumph Aerospace Structures to design eVTOL airframe for Jaunt Air Mobility

World’s third largest aerostructures supplier will help develop a lightweight design for Uber’s latest partner per its reduced rotor operating speed aircraft (ROSA) technology.


Airbus Albatross features flapping wings made from composites

Airbus demonstrates first in-flight, flapping wing-tips that could revolutionize aircraft wing and wing box design.


Marshall Aerospace and Defence 3D-prints aerospace parts

The company is using Stratasys 3D printers for prototype and production parts using composites and other advanced materials.


Cms North America to hold open house

Cms North America is holding an open house event, called “International Limitless Technology Experience,” at its Grand Rapids, Michigan location on July 31 – Aug. 2, 2019.

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