PUBLISHED: 8/30/2018

Scania invests in Corebon

Swedish material tech start-up Corebon has developed patented process for producing carbon fiber components at a higher speeds.

PUBLISHED: 8/29/2018

Huntsman opens manufacturing facility in Vietnam

The site will house Huntsman’s Polyurethanes and Advanced Materials businesses.

PUBLISHED: 8/29/2018

Aalto University researchers develop technique for creating colored carbon nanotube films

The team’s method uses aerosols of metal and carbon to carefully manipulate and control the nanotube structure directly from the fabrication process.

PUBLISHED: 8/29/2018

Perlan 2 space glider sets new altitude record

The carbon fiber and fiberglass glider reached a record height of 62,000 ft, and is designed to soar up to 90,000 ft.

PUBLISHED: 8/28/2018

Gurit appointed official supplier to Emirates Team New Zealand for America's Cup

A full range of composite materials, including Gurit’s carbon fiber prepregs, structural core materials and related equipment will be supplied for the campaign.

PUBLISHED: 8/27/2018

Stratolaunch announces family of launch vehicles

The company’s air-launch system will launch vehicles carrying satellites to multiple orbits and inclinations on a single mission. 

PUBLISHED: 8/27/2018

Structural Composites awarded 2018 Defense Innovation Award

The company has been awarded the 2018 TechConnect Defense Innovation Award for its Metal Hybrid Composite Technology.

PUBLISHED: 8/27/2018

Voith wins Lightweight Design Award

Voith’s VRA technology for CFRP production lines is said to reduce waste and thus material costs by depositing carbon fibers close to the final shape.

PUBLISHED: 8/27/2018

YTU Racing team employs Kordsa composite technologies in Formula Student competition

Kordsa, supported the YTU Racing team by providing composite materials that were used at the hull, wings and seats of the team’s vehicle.

PUBLISHED: 8/26/2018

Stratasys offers industrial 3D printer dedicated to carbon-fiber-filled Nylon 12

The Fortus 380mc Carbon Fiber Edition is an industrial quality system that is being offered at $70,000 in the US.

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