Premium AEROTEC demonstrates hybrid CFRP-AM metal design for future lightweight aircraft structures

Successful completion of the ThermOplast Additive Manufacturing STrukturen (TOAST) project offers cost, time and weight savings via a novel, modern hybrid design.


Airbus, Aston Martin launch special edition ACH130 helicopter

The ACH130 Aston Martin Edition, unveiled Jan. 3, includes luxury interior features designed by the automaker.


SpaceX tests new Crew Dragon parachute design

Successful parachute tests bring the Crew Dragon another step closer to a crewed flight test. 


COHMAS Lab to host composite materials workshop

The composites industry and engineering workshop will be held at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in March 2020.


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Ahlstrom-Munksjö completes the sale of glass fiber reinforcement business

On Dec. 31, Ahlstrom-Munksjö announced that it has completed the sale of its glass fiber reinforcement business in Mikkeli, Finland, to Vitrulan Composites Oy.


Lockheed Martin delivers 134 F-35 aircraft in 2019

Lockheed Martin reports that it exceeded its 2019 delivery goals for the F-35 defense aircraft, and plans to deliver 141 F-35s in 2020.


Elon Musk teases Vegas Hyperloop tunnel for 2020

The Boring Co. hopes to complete a Hyperloop project in Las Vegas in 2020 that would carry passengers between the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) and the Las Vegas Strip.


Researchers develop nano-barrier for CFRP space applications

Developed by the University of Surrey and Airbus, the new nano-barrier material is intended to eliminate moisture absorption issues in spacecraft components.


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The top 10 most viewed composites news stories of 2019.