PUBLISHED: 4/17/2019

Bye's Sunflyer rebranded as eFlyer

Bye Aerospace says eFlyer’s (formerly Sun Flyer) new name more accurately represents the aircraft’s all-electric propulsion system.

PUBLISHED: 4/17/2019

First shipment of CFRP engine nacelle cascade from Nikkiso Miyazaki Factory

With 90 percent of the cascade market, Nikkiso opened its new factory in 2018 due to increased demand.

PUBLISHED: 4/16/2019

Lipex Engineering to deliver basalt fiber nonwoven production line to China

New developments in productivity and quality to meet increasing growth in basalt fiber composites.

PUBLISHED: 4/16/2019

Alpine Advanced Materials licenses Lockheed thermoplastic nanocomposite

Proven in military aerospace parts, the HX5 product targets metal replacement in single-aisle jetliners.

PUBLISHED: 4/16/2019

HAECO expands composite services business to North America

Located within HAECO Americas (Greensboro, N.C., U.S.) the new facility will reportedly include full composite shop capabilities.

PUBLISHED: 4/15/2019

Latécoère joins TPRC

As a new Tier 1 member of the ThermoPlastic composites Research Centre, Latécoère offers expertise in various fields of composite technologies (RTM, LRI).

PUBLISHED: 4/15/2019

CW Top Shops benchmarking survey now open

CompositesWorld’s inaugural Top Shops benchmarking survey recently launched and is open until the end of April. The survey allows composites fabricators to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of their manufacturing operations.

PUBLISHED: 4/14/2019

Stratolaunch aircraft completes first flight

On April 13, the world’s largest composite aircraft flew for 149 minutes in its initial flight test.

PUBLISHED: 4/12/2019

Turkish Aerospace Industries to build new aircraft composite part plant

Turkish Aerospace Industries’ 95,000 square-meter smart factory for structural aircraft parts will reportedly become the world’s fourth-largest composite plant.

PUBLISHED: 4/12/2019

FRP composite piles offer strength, corrosion resistance

Department of Transportation (DOT) agencies tasked with replacing aging marine fender systems are opting for corrosion-resistant fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) pilings with increasing frequency.

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