PUBLISHED: 6/11/2018

People on the Move: June 2018

CW’s monthly roundup of people on the move in the composites industry.

PUBLISHED: 6/8/2018

Abaris to relocate advanced composites training operation to Composite Prototyping Center

New base for Abaris’ East Coast operations will allow the company to expand beyond its current curriculum.

PUBLISHED: 6/8/2018

SPE announces 2019 TOPCON

The Society of Plastics Engineers Thermoset Division will hold their annual Thermoset Topical Conference Feb. 19-20, 2019 in Charleston, SC, US.

PUBLISHED: 6/8/2018

Solvay assumes direct service of its composite materials business in the Asia Pacific Region

Specialty material distributor Argosy and Solvay sign agreement to transition advanced materials business. 

PUBLISHED: 6/8/2018

Brad Dunstan 1960 - 2018

In memoriam of Brad Dunstan, automotive engineer, industry advocate.

PUBLISHED: 6/8/2018

AWEA Regional Wind Energy Conference 2018 - Northeast

The AWEA Regional Wind Energy Conference 2018 - Northeast is June 26 - 27, 2018 in Portland, ME, US.

PUBLISHED: 6/7/2018

c-m-p gmbH expansion includes new manufacturing facility

A second office building and second manufacturing hall will be added to the prepreg manufacturer’s Heinsberg-Oberbruch location in response to business growth.

PUBLISHED: 6/6/2018

EconCore partners with MEAF on continuous thermoplastic honeycomb cores

EconCore (Leuven, Belgium) is making progress in development of new all-thermoplastics continuous honeycomb cores.

PUBLISHED: 6/6/2018

Rolls Royce launches Pearl family of engines

The Pearl 15 is the first of the planned Rolls-Royce’s Pearl engine family, which will be used for Bombardier’s Global 5500 and Global 6500 business jets.

PUBLISHED: 6/5/2018

SAMPE 2018 Student Bridge Contest winners

The SAMPE Student Bridge Contest is an international competition involving schools from around the globe.

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