PUBLISHED: 3/22/2019

Massachusetts-based startup​​​​​​​ raises funding to launch carbon fiber super-composite

Boston Materials has raised $1.75 million in seed funding to launch its Carbon Supercomposite, which uses a patented Z-axis reinforcement technology in a carbon fiber composite.

PUBLISHED: 3/22/2019

Century Tool expands compression molding capability to include bathtubs, spas

Century Tool and Gage will now offer compression molds for bathtubs, showers, spas and other large composite structures for the home.

PUBLISHED: 3/22/2019

KCTECH, KIA Motors seek to accelerate carbon fiber use in Asian automotive industry

KIA Motors has opened a composite material technical center in KCTECH in South Korea as part of a new collaboration to advance carbon composite parts application in the automotive industry.

PUBLISHED: 3/21/2019

OMAX to be acquired by Hypertherm

Hypertherm and OMAX have signed a merger agreement effective in April, combining the companies’ portfolios of waterjet and other industrial cutting technologies.

PUBLISHED: 3/20/2019

Michelin, Faurecia form fuel cells JV

The joint venture combines the hydrogen fuel cell work from both companies, including Faurecia’s partnership with Stelia Aerospace Composites and Michelin’s subsidiary Symbio.

PUBLISHED: 3/20/2019

Third MC-21-300 joins flight test program

The maiden flight of the third MC-21-300 test aircraft took place on March 16 at the airfield of Irkutsk Aviation Plant.

PUBLISHED: 3/20/2019

SAERTEX, Scott Bader to partner on fire protection material system

SAERTEX has announced a strategic partnership with Scott Bader for the production and distribution of the SAERTEX LEO system, fire protection line of materials combining multiaxial noncrimp fabrics and a specifically designed resin sy...

PUBLISHED: 3/19/2019

AeroLas targets carbon fiber yarn industrialization

Munich-based AeroLas specializes in air-bearing technology and has used it to develop a system that allows for discontinuous carbon fiber to be spun with thermoplastic fibers. Potential applications include 3D printing.

PUBLISHED: 3/18/2019

Fiberject process achieves 3D thermoplastic cosmetic carbon parts

Mubea Carbo Tech develops manufacturing of complex-shaped, fully integrated and high-accuracy cosmetic CFRP components for high volumes using a thermoplastic matrix.

PUBLISHED: 3/18/2019

R&D activities recommended to US DOE to achieve super-sized composite wind blades

“Big Adaptive Rotor” project is prioritizing technology to develop land-based 5-megawatt turbine with 100-meter-long blades.

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