Lewcott phenolic prepreg certified to military standard

Lewcott's PSR133 phenolic-based prepregs have been certified to conform to MIL-DTL-64154, Rev B.

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Lewcott Corp. (Millbury, Mass., USA), a supplier of phenolic-based prepregs, is pleased to announce that its PSR133 phenolic resin conforms to MIL-DTL-64154, Rev B. Lewcott responded to customer requests to retest and qualify its PSR133 phenolic to MIL-DTL-64154, rev. B, which has superseded MIL-R-9299, grade B.

Test samples of its PSR133-based prepreg were submitted to an independent test lab, which tested and confirmed that the phenolic resin-based prepregs conformed to the requirements of MIL-DTL-64154, Revision B. The test requirements included room temperature and hot/wet tensile strength; room temperature, elevated temperature, hot/wet and chemical/solvent conditioned flexural strength/modulus; and room temperature and hot/wet compression strength, as well as a variety of chemical/solvent conditioned change in weight and change in thickness requirements.

Carl Varnerin, CTO at Lewcott, stated, “We are very proud of the capabilities of our PSR133 phenolic resin. Prepregs using this base resin have been used extensively in a wide range of demanding applications including armor/ballistics, carbon/carbon and ablatives, and aircraft interior’s markets for many years. Since we specifically developed our phenolic resin for composite applications, we have the ability to target the properties of our phenolic resin for these end markets.”

Michael Buck, president of Lewcott stated, “Lewcott continues to be a leader in the development and supply of phenolic resins and phenolic matrix prepregs. We plan to continue to leverage our phenolic resin and prepreg expertise with our world class manufacturing to offer technically superior and cost effective products to the aerospace, military/defense and industrial markets. Lewcott is AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified.”