Latest volumes of CMH-17 now published and available

SAE International has completed two new volumes for the Composite Materials Handbook (CMH-17) series, covering metal-matrix composites and structural-sandwich composites.

SAE International (Warrendale, Pa.) announced that it has completed two new volumes for the Composite Materials Handbook (CMH-17) series. Metal-matrix composites and structural-sandwich composites are the topics of the two newest titles. SAE and the Composite Materials Handbook 17 organization (Wichita, Kan.) agreed in June to work together on publishing the initial release of the handbook volumes, which will be produced in print, on DVD and in other electronic formats. CMH-17 is a six-volume engineering reference tool, previously known as MIL-HDBK-17, that contains more than 1,000 records of the latest test data for polymer-matrix (Volumes 1, 2, and 3), metal-matrix (Volume 4), ceramic-matrix (Volume 5) and structural-sandwich (Volume 6) composites.

“We are pleased to be working together with CMH-17 through Wichita State University to publish and market this next generation of the Composite Materials Handbook,” says Kevin Jost, editorial director, SAE International. “The Handbook has proven to be a valuable resource for aerospace engineers over the years, and we look forward to making it available to SAE International members and beyond.”

Developed over many years by an international consortium of engineering organizations, CMH-17 provides an overview of composites engineering that evolves to reflect new advances.

Composite Materials Handbook Volume 4: Metal Matrix Composites includes properties on metal-matrix composite material systems for which data are available that meet the specific requirements of the handbook. In addition, it provides selected guidance on other technical topics related to this class of composites, including material selection, material specification, processing, characterization testing, data reduction, design, analysis, quality control and repair of typical metal-matrix composite materials.

The second new volume, Composite Materials Handbook Volume 6: Structural Sandwich Composites, updates the cancelled Military Handbook 23, which was prepared for use in the design of structural sandwich polymer composites, primarily for flight vehicles. The information in the volume includes test methods, material properties, design and analysis techniques, quality control and inspection and repair of sandwich structures in military and commercial vehicles.

CMH-17 provides guidance to those who design and fabricate end items from composite materials, and includes properties of composite materials that meet specific data requirements as well as guidelines for design, analysis, material selection, manufacturing, quality control and repair. SAE International published the first three volumes in July 2012:

• Volume 1: Polymer Matrix Composites: Guidelines for Characterization of Structural Materials

• Volume 2: Polymer Matrix Composites: Materials Properties

• Volume 3: Polymer Matrix Composites: Materials Usage, Design, and Analysis

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