KraussMaffei opens German composites tech center

KraussMaffei's new fiber-composites technical center in Munich, Germany, is adjacent to the company's existing injection molding tech center.

KraussMaffei (Munich, Germany) on May 13 opened a new technical center for lightweight parts and fiber-composites technology. The company has installed high-performance reaction processing machinery (RPM) for the production of fiber composites and many other types of parts in a refurbished hall inside the existing tech center. The new facility is adjacent the company's existing injection molding hall, which KraussMaeffei says will benefit customers via collaboration with KraussMaffei injection molding experts, and the processing of reactive materials for a host of custom and process-specific solutions.

The integrated tech center was officially launched by Dr. Karlheinz Bourdon, Frank Peters (both board members of KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH), Wolfgang Frehsdorf (head of operations Reaction Process Machinery) and Nicolas Beyl (head of technology).

“The new RPM hall, together with the unique possibility of integrating reaction process installations with injection molding machines, is a wonderful platform for demonstrating all the various processes in all their diversity. It gives us the capability to identify the best process solution for our customers and to conduct practical tests on both the processes and the parts produced,” said Peters. The 1,900m2 [20,451-ft2] RPM hall houses 11 reaction-processing machines and installations for all kinds of production processes, including one of the largest RTM systems worldwide. Customers are assured confidentiality, as individual areas can be sectioned off to protect their expertise. Should they wish to do so, they can then examine the part properties in the company’s test lab afterwards.

Also featuring more than 15 injection molding machines selected from the full KraussMaffei machinery spanning the clamping range of 35 to 40,000 tons, the new integrated tech center for reaction processing and injection molding presents customers with engineering expertise.