Knight & Carver announces Northern Power wind blade deal

Knight & Carver will make composite 10m/32.5-ft blades for Northern Power wind systems designed for use in community settings.

Knight & Carver Wind Group (National City, Calif.) has reached agreement with Northern Power (Barre, Vt.) to build several preliminary sets of 10m/32.5-ft wind blades for community-scale wind power generation. The blades will be installed on Northern Power’s Northwind 100 turbine, sized specifically for community wind applications in towns, schools and businesses around the world. Knight & Carver’s research and development team will be led by engineer Craig Robinson and production manager Leo Martinez. In addition, Knight & Carver will provide Northern Power with manufacturing engineering support. The project begins immediately, with first-phrase product delivery expected by the end of 2008. All work will be conducted at Knight & Carver’s full-service facility in National City, Calif., located south of San Diego.

“We’re pleased to be aligned with Northern Power in this exciting project that promises to provide the benefits of small-wind renewable energy to regions as diverse as Alaska, Canada, the Northeast and California,” said Sampson A. Brown, president and CEO of Knight & Carver Wind Group. “Projects such as these are a vital part of our industry."