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7/7/2014 | 1 MINUTE READ

KittyHawk UAV completes first flight

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A 1:4 scale VX-1 KittyHawk, designed and manufactured by VX Aerospace and featuring C-Ply thin-ply carbon fiber reinforcement from Chomarat, flew successfully for the first time on June 6 in North Carolina, USA.


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Chomarat (Le Cheylard, France; Anderson, S.C., USA) reported on July 3 that the 1:4 scale version of the VX-1 KittyHawk unmanned aerial vehicle successfully completed its first maiden flight on June 6 at the Foothills Regional Airport between Morganton and Lenoir, N.C., USA.

KittyHawk features Chomarat’s advanced C-Ply composite reinforcement material and was designed and manufactured by VX Aerospace (Morgantown, N.C., USA). “It was a big day. Everyone was thrilled to see the KittyHawk take to the skies. And after this first test we are very confident in KittyHawk's potential,” saus Bob Skillen, ehief engineer at VX Aerospace.

“Weawish to congratulate our partners for this important milestone in the KittyHawk program! We are very proud to be part of this success that marks Chomarat’s commitment and added-value in aeronautical projects,” adds Michel Cognet, Chomarat’s CEO.

Chomarat says that what makes KittyHawk so different from other aircraft is its shape: it has no wings The aircraft design allows for more useable space inside the aircraft, greater payload capacity, better structural efficiency and better durability.

Furthermore, it will have a smaller footprint than other aircraft with a similar payload capability. The volume will also allow KittyHawk to adopt compressed natural gas (CNG) as an aviation fuel. Chomarat says current CNG tanks can fit inside the KittyHawk with no aerodynamic compromise.