Kerkstra joins carbon fiber-reinforced concrete consortium AltusGroup

The CarbonCast portfolio of enclosure products uses C-GRID carbon fiber grid as a shear connector in precast concrete applications.

Kerkstra Precast (Grandville, MI, US) reported on April 17 that it has become the seventh precast concrete manufacturer to join AltusGroup (Bethlehem, PA, US) in the past two years, bringing the total number of North American precasters in the organization to an all-time high of 19.

Kerkstra will begin manufacture of AltusGroup's CarbonCast high-performance insulated wall panels and CarbonCast ionsulated architectural cladding at its Grandville production facility just southwest of Grand Rapids. With more than 50 years in the construction products business, Kerkstra Precast specializes in structural and architectural precast for a wide variety of building types in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois.

The CarbonCast portfolio of enclosure products uses C-GRID carbon fiber grid as a shear connector to provide thermal efficiency, continuous insulation and full composite action to exterior walls while maintaining the aesthetic flexibility of precast concrete. The trend for thermal- and energy-efficient enclosures is anticipated to continue into the foreseeable future.

“Another high-quality precaster in the Midwest gives architects and the entire building team another source for CarbonCast technology in a part of the country that recognizes the inherent value of precast concrete,” says John Carson, executive director of AltusGroup. “The proven team at Kerkstra will definitely add to our technical and marketing resources moving forward.”

Greg Kerkstra, president of Kerkstra Precast, says, “CarbonCast will be an excellent technology addition to the Kerkstra portfolio and further position us for the increasing demands for higher performance precast products in the Midwest. The technology has proven itself to be highly efficient, effective and cost-competitive versus other systems in the marketplace. We are excited to see our customers benefit from this new technology.”

AltusGroup precast concrete manufacturers have installed more than 34 million ft2 of CarbonCast on more than 900 structures since introducing the technology in 2004. 

The first-ever national partnership of precast companies, AltusGroup was founded in 2003 to develop, manufacture and market precast innovations such as the CarbonCast line of products featuring C-GRID carbon fiber grid reinforcing.