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3/10/2009 | 1 MINUTE READ

Jim Martin, formerly of Automated Dynamics, starts own firm

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Innovative Composites Automation will focus on development of automation in a variety of applications.


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After nearly 20 years of service to Automated Dynamics (Schenectady, N.Y.), Jim Martin has formed a new company based on his years of experience in automation of composite processing. Martin held the positions of project engineer, project manager, fiber placement manager, general manager of automation and director of business development while at Automated Dynamics, after starting as a student, machinist, composite process technician and machine system installer.

“Working with Automated  Dynamics was a great experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. The small-company atmosphere allows talented individuals to develop and thrive across multiple responsibilities.  My varied interactions with clients from sales to technology development to field service were invaluable to me personally and offered a start to finish relationship with my clients,” says Martin.

Using these years of composite structures manufacturing and machine-building experience, he has formed a new company, Innovative Composites Automation. Martin is confident in the continued industry shortcoming in right-sized and affordable automation and has aligned himself with several vendor entities with extensive automation experience capable of combining off the shelf components into novel integrated application-specific machine systems.

He expects that other clients will have a need for more industry-standard automated fiber placement and automated tape laying machines, but may not have the internal knowledge or personnel to efficiently develop machine specifications, application-specific process technology, acceptance criteria and total project oversight.

“My hands-on experience solving complex process and automation challenges will dramatically shorten and level the learning curve for these clients,” Martin says. He backs this up with many successful machine provisions, several patents and many published technical papers and conference presentations. “I’m excited to be working directly for my clients and helping them to achieve exactly what they need in composites automation; nothing more, nothing less.”

Information: Innovative Composites Automation, jmartin@compositesautomation.com, www.compositesautomation.com; +1 518-936-4429, +1 518-369-5701 (mobile)