Jet Edge celebrates 25 years in business

The manufacturer of water jet cutting systems began business in 1984.

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Jet Edge Inc. (St. Michael, Minn., USA), a manufacturer of industrial water jet cutting and surface preparation systems, is celebrating its 25th anniversary in the water jet industry in 2009.

Jet Edge entered the water jet industry in 1984 as a manufacturer of 55,000-psi water jet intensifier pumps for precision water jet cutting, and 36,000-psi water jet pumps and portable equipment for mobile water jet cutting, cleaning and surface preparation applications. Jet Edge began manufacturing precision waterjet cutting tables in 1998. In 2007, it became one of the first water jet manufacturers to offer a 90,000-psi water jet intensifier pump, which increases productivity by 40 to 50 percent for many materials and reduces operating costs by as much as 40 percent.

Jet Edge water jet systems are used around the world by a wide variety of industries, including aerospace and defense, automotive, petrochemical, energy and general manufacturing. Jet Edge precision water jets cut virtually any material, from metals and stone to carpet, foam and even food. Jet Edge’s water jet surface preparation tools are used for paint, coatings and corrosion removal, and Jet Edge mobile water jet cutters are primarily used to cut pipelines, steel reinforced concrete, reactor vessels and fabricated metal structures. They are best for cutting where flames and heat are restricted.

“Jet Edge’s success over the past 25 years can be attributed to our phenomenal customer loyalty and our company-wide dedication to providing quality products and outstanding customer support,” said Jude Lague, Jet Edge president. “We are very proud of the fact that 97 percent of our customers say they would buy from Jet Edge again. That speaks volumes of our products and our employees."