JEC announces finalists for Innovation Awards 2019

The awards recognize 10 composites champions based on criteria such as partner involvement in the value chain, technicality or commercial applications of innovations.


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JEC Group (Paris, France) has released its JEC INNOVATION AWARDS competition finalists, announcing on February 7 the 30 award finalists divided into 10 categories. A renowned jury of experts will select one winner per category. The 10 winners will be announced in a ceremony to be held at JEC World 2018 on March 13, 2019.

"The JEC Innovation Awards program is emblematic and recognizes pioneers in composite innovation. 3D printing plays a new role in our industry. The combination of lightweight, resistant materials that allow great design freedom, with a technology that allows complex shapes, is of interest to manufacturers. Many manufacturers have started using it to print automotive parts, aircraft parts, or building walls,” says Franck Glowacz, Innovation Content Leader at JEC Group. “Due to the very high level of the nominees, the JEC Innovation Awards ceremony should be very rich! ” 

A jury of 10 experts from around the world will reward 10 Composites Champions based on criteria such as partner involvement in the value chain, technicality or commercial applications of innovations. The panel of judges consists of:

  • Anurag Bansal, manager Global Business Development, Acciona Infraestructuras
  • Christophe Binetruy, professor, EC Nantes
  • Robert Buchinger, CEO, Sunlumo Technology
  • Grahame Burrow, Global President, Magna Exteriors
  • Dominique Dubois, CEO, Carboman Group
  • Karl-Heinz Fueller, manager Hybrid Materials, Concepts and AMG, Daimler
  • Sung Ha, professor, Hanyang University
  • Murat Oguz Arcan, COO, Composites, Construction and Business Development, Kordsa
  • Henri Shin, Director – R&D Composites Innovation Center, Kolon
  • Kiyoshi Uzawa, Professor/Director (Ph.D), Innovative Composite Center

Click here to view the full press release, listing the 30 finalists. 



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