Janicki Industries works to get SeaSport Commander product line back into production

Laser scanners and Siemens NX CAD software help rebuild legacy tooling lost in fire.

Janicki Industries (Sedro-Woolley, WA, US) has a long reputation in the marine industry and great respect for its venerable boatbuilders, like 40-year veteran Northwest Marine (Ferndale, WA, US). Janicki is working with the company to help put their SeaSport Commander product line back into production after a fire destroyed the legacy hull tooling.

Northwest Marine had an order backlog so a timely recovery plan was critical to avoid losing customers. As there are no existing unassembled hulls, and no digital models, Janicki has proposed reverse engineering a finished hull using laser scanners and Siemens NX CAD Software (Siemens PLM, Plano, TX, US) to create an updated and symmetric CAD model that will be used to fabricate new plugs and molds.

“We get to use modern metrology technology to restore what this great boatbuilder lost, but also improve it,” says Andy Bridge, Janicki director of commercial & industrial sales. He estimates two weeks from laser scanning to digital files suitable for new pattern fabrication. “We’ll have them back in production quickly with new improved precision tooling and a secure digital archived model,” Bridge notes, adding, “This reverse-engineering approach can be performed on many older marine molds that were hand lofted as a prudent risk reduction strategy.”