Integran announces new Nanovate - NS coating

Integran Technologies has announced a new coating called Nanovate - NS for protecting composite parts.

Integran Technologies Inc. (Toronto, Canada) announced on March 18 the official launch of their trademarked Nanovate-NS coating which is designed to protect composite and metal parts from rain erosion, sand erosion and other wear damage.

"The Nanovate process achieves very high strength and hardness through reducing the metal grain structure by 1000 times, to the nanoscale. The properties combine to give excellent damage protection for relatively soft materials."says Rich Emrich, program manager at Integran. "Our customers are concerned with erosion damage and this solution allows them to add protection while minimizing the added weight.”

Nanovate-NS can be selectively applied, allowing performance to be delivered where it is needed. Nanovate-NS performs well on composites under a wide variety of environmental conditions and is currently being applied to a number of high volume components in the aerospace and industrial sectors.

Outside of composite part applications, Integran continues to be active in developing solutions for composites with Nanovate-NV (Nanovar®), a coating which adds durability and lifespan to CFRP tooling.

More information will be available from a live webinar hosted by the SME on April 8th, 1pm EST: