InField Liner installations helps to extend service life for Petronas subsea pipelines

Petronas recently recognized APS Malaysia’s project execution team for the 2016 successful installation campaign of InField Liner (IFL) system.

In 2015, APS (Dubahi, UAE) was awarded two multi-year contracts with Petronas (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) for the rehabilitation of various subsea crude oil gathering and high pressure gas and condensate lines. The combined total value of these projects was more than $150 million and the proposed scope of works surround the company’s 6, 8 and 10-inch subsea crude oil gathering and high-pressure gas and condensate lines, varying between 700 and 3500 meters in length.

The execution of these pipeline rehabilitation projects launched during the course of 2016 with four pipelines rehabilitated with the InField Liner (IFL) system during the spring and summer of this year. In December 2016, during an official award ceremony, Petronas recognized APS Malaysia’s project execution team for the 2016 successful installation campaign of IFL. All four pipelines were in fact candidate for potential shutdown at the end of 2016, however, with the installation of the IFL system each pipeline was given a service life extension of a minimum of 30 years. Petronas confirmed that the IFL system had saved the company in excess of $100 million, since its first installations back in September 2013, in terms of CAPEX and OPEX expenditure.

Under the same two multi-year contracts, additional IFL installations are planned for 2017 and 2018, with more contract awards expected to be forthcoming during early 2017 for execution in the following years.

Robert Walters, APS Group Chairman and main driver behind the development of the InField Liner technology says: “Petronas has confirmed its strong backing towards the IFL technology and its economic benefits versus pipeline replacement by these multiple contracts award and now once again by the special recognition of the outstanding job our operations team has displayed during the 2016 execution campaign. In the current low oil price environment operators around the world seek to optimize production from existing assets, with a focus on innovative, cost-effective technologies like IFL, capable of delaying asset replacement and extending asset life. Since the signing of the commercialization agreement in November 2015 that grants APS the full rights to commercialize the IFL technology worldwide, companies such as Petronas and other national and international blue chip oil companies are rapidly beginning to recognize the value of being able to rehabilitate existing pipeline infrastructure, rather than mounting large-scale replacement operations.”

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