Hypetex, SHD offer colored carbon fiber prepreg solutions

The partnership will supply Hypetex-colored fabrics with SHD’s MTC500 series epoxy resin systems, enabling visual component finishes and the potential for weight and cost savings.
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Hypetex colorization process for reinforcement fibers

Photo Credit: Hypetex

Carbon fiber colorization technologies company Hypetex (Fitzrovia, London, U.K.) and SHD Composites (Sleaford, U.K.), manufacturer of advanced composite tooling and component pregreg materials, have partnered to supply Hypetex-colored fabrics with SHD’s MTC epoxy resin systems. According to SHD, this partnership will see Hypetex’s novel cosmetic finishes offered in combination with SHD’s widely adopted range of prepreg systems. 

“Working with Hypetex provides the opportunity for all our customers to access this unique colorization technology and the benefits it can bring,” says Helen Doughty, director at SHD Composite. 

Hypetex reports that its colorization process can be applied to a variety of reinforcement fibers including carbon fiber, glass fiber, as well as aramid and natural fibers, and offers customers a selection of aesthetically appealing finishes across many industry standard fabric formats. For non-standard solutions, Hypetex says it will also work closely with development teams, creating innovative and tailored formats to meet customer’s specific design requirements.

Further, SHD’s MTC500 series prepregs are said to be renowned for their quality and consistency on highly cosmetic carbon fiber parts. Combined with MTC systems, Hypetex says its colored materials can offer end customers not only unique visual component finishes but also, in certain applications, the potential for weight and cost savings.

Both businesses have similar focus on sustainability and are working to ensure advanced material technologies do not come at a cost to the environment.


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