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2/10/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

Hydrasports' fishing boat receives MIL-TOUGH rating

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Hydrasports' new 53 Sueños center-console fishing boat features Structural Composites' single-skin transom and single-skin hull, and has earned a MIL-TOUGH rating.


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Structural Composites (Melbourne, FL, US) reported on Feb. 5 that Hydrasports' (Islamorada, FL, US) new 53 Sueños outboard-powered, center-console fishing boat is the first boat to receive a MIL-TOUGH rating. The craft is one of the first commercial deployments of Structural Composites’ U.S. Navy Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Advanced Combatant Craft Technology.

Structural Composites says its advanced single-skin transom and single-skin hull provide the durability, ruggedness and ease of maintenance of solid laminate construction, but at a weight equal to or less than sandwich construction.

The 53 Sueños is designed and built using high-performance CoREZYN vinyl ester resin (Interplastic Corp., St. Paul, MN, US), advanced Prisma single -kin hull and single-skin transom construction, high-strength orthotropic reinforcements and the newly developed MEGAFORM preform stringer system. The use of these materials and the incorporation of Navy SBIR technology have earned the Hydrasports Custom 53 Sueños the MIL-TOUGH rating.

Scott Lewit, company president, says, “It is really wonderful to see the advances we are achieving for the Navy benefit the recreational boating industry. The first Hydrasports Custom 53 Sueños is being unveiled at the 2015 Miami Boat Show and features four 557 HP Seven marine outboards. The weight and thrust from these powerhouses is transferred into the hull structure using our Navy SBIR-derived single-skin transom. Loads from the transom are distributed into the advanced single-skin hull using Prisma MEGAFORM preforms. The MIL-TOUGH Rating lets boat buyers know that the advanced technology developed for the US Navy’s Combatant Craft has been engineered into their boat.”


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