Hopium unveils hydrogen vehicle concept

The Hopium Māchina offers unparalleled performance for a high-end hydrogen vehicle, including optimized fuel cell system technology and carbon fiber hydrogen tanks.


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Hopium Māchina hydrogen vehicle concept.

Photo Credit: Hopium

Hopium (France), a 100% hydrogen automotive manufacturer, reveals the design of its new technological platform for hydrogen vehicles, which the company says has been designed to achieve unparalleled performance for a high-end vehicle. 

The Hopium Māchina, the brand's first model, incorporates a fuel cell system at the vehicle’s front, offering optimized volumetric density and durability with zero emissions. Hydrogen tanks — which incorporate carbon fiber used as a main material element — have been improved to increase storage volume. Hopium says the tanks enable a quantity of more than six kilograms of hydrogen to be loaded, with a filling time of three minutes. The vehicle’s batteries have also been reduced in volume.

The Hopium Māchina offers more than 500 horsepower (hp), 230 kilometers per hour and a range of 1,000 kilometers.