Hexcel to locate glass prepreg plant in Colorado

The facility will provide glass pregreg for North American customers in the wind energy manufacturing industry.

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Hexcel (Dublin, Calif.) announced on July 22, in its second quarter earnings report, that it will establish a new glass prepreg plant in Colorado to support the North American wind turbine blade industry. The new plant will begin production in the second half of 2009.

Michael Bacal, a spokesperson for Hexcel, said the company is not yet prepared to identify where specifically the plant will be located in Colorado. He did say that the facility will be leased and will serve all of Hexcel's North American customers, including Vestas, which recently opened a blade-manufacturing plant in Windsor, Colo.

Commenting on the decision, Hexcel chairman and CEO Dave Berges said,  “With renewable energy targets now set in 30 states, the U.S. is expected to continue to be a strong growth market for wind turbines and we are pleased to see our customers investing in the region."

Hexcel is already expanding its wind energy prepreg operations to meet worldwide demand and will open a new facility in Tianjin, China later this year.