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Hennecke invests in 3-component metering machine

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The machine system features all the necessary requirements for the production of fiber composite components in a wide variety of matrix systems in the HP-RTM process.

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Hennecke (Sankt Augustin, Germany) has invested in a custom-made 3-component metering machine called ‘Streamline,” which is able to process all current matrix systems of fiber composite components, which include polyurethane, epoxy or reactive polyamide 6 raw material systems. It is now available to Hennecke customers at its in-house R&D TechCenter.

“In the TechCenter, all reactive matrix materials available on the market can now be used to produce fiber composite components on a metering machine for the first time,” says Jürgen Wirth, manager application and development technology. “The major benefit is that a variety of matrix systems incompatible with each other can now be processed in very quick succession, as the integration of three individual metering lines minimizes complex rinsing and cleaning processes.”

“This opens numerous possibilities for the product development of composite fiber components in the groundbreaking T-RTM field of application,” Wirth says. Specifically for this purpose, Hennecke is able to provide customers in the TechCenter with an ENGEL AUSTRIA GmbH company-manufactured injection molding machine.

In addition, various vacuum units, mold carriers and presses can be used to interact with the new metering machine, in order to guarantee an ideal process workflow. All mixhead systems available with Hennecke are also compatible.