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2/25/2013 | 1 MINUTE READ

Henkel rebrands adhesives portfolio

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The Düsseldorf, Germany based global adhesives supplier is regrouping its industrial products under five new headings.


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In the wake of recent growth and on the strength of numerous acquisitions in the past few years, Henkel Corp. (Düsseldorf, Germany) has decided to introduce a new branding approach for its industrial adhesives technology business. The rebranding announcement, issued Feb. 19, noted that Henkel's acquisition of a number of diverse product names has made its marketing efforts more complex and difficult. According to Henkel, customers in the marketplace confrmed the need for a simpler branding strategy in a recent survery.

Therefore, Henkel has decided to introduce a new branding approach that will align the portfolio under five trademarked technology clusters:

  • Henkel’s LOCTITE brand will indentify engineered, high-performance adhesive, sealant and coating solutions.
  • Henkel’s BONDERITE brand will represent the surface technology solutions that are formulated to create competitive advantage in the customers’ manufacturing processes.
  • Henkel’s TECHNOMELT tradename will be th moniker for hot-melt adhesives.
  • Henkel’s TEROSON is the identifying brand for bonding, sealing, coating and reinforcing in automotive body and vehicle repair and maintenance (VRM) applications.
  • Henkel’s AQUENCE is the tradename for sustainable water-based adhesive solutions.

“As the global leader in adhesives, sealants and surface technologies, we are committed to delivering a portfolio that our customers can navigate more intuitively,” said Jan-Dirk Auris, head of Henkel’s adhesives business. “In addition, this aligned structure will enable Henkel to provide optimized customer service and technology solutions more quickly in the future.”

Name Holger Elfes, Business Unit and Brand PR/Adhesive Technologies; Tel.: +49 211 797 9933; Fax: +49 211 798 9832.
Lisa Kretzberg, Business Unit andBrand PR/Adhesive Technologies, Tel.: +49 211 797 5672; Fax: +49 211 798 9832.


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