Hengshen to supply prepreg to Bombardier for qualification

China-based carbon fiber and prepreg manufacturer Hengshen will supply aircraft manufacturer Bombardier with prepreg for qualification and potential production application.

Carbon fiber and prepreg manufacturer Hengshen Co. Ltd. (Jiangsu Sheng, China) reported on Sept. 18 that it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement for the supply of carbon fiber prepreg to Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier (Montreal, QC, Canada).

Hengshen says the agreement enables the company’s prepreg to enter the formal material qualification program. Successful completion of the qualification program will allow Hengshen prepreg to enter commercial production of components for Bombardier aircraft. Hengshen says this agreement is notable because it means the company has achieved a series of core technology breakthroughs, signaling that performance and product consistency of Chinese carbon fiber has gained international recognition.

“We started discussions with Bombardier in 2015, and continuously worked towards carbon fiber prepreg qualification. We are pleased that this major milestone has been reached,” says Qian Jing, board chairman of Hengshen. “Hengshen’s strength has proven to the whole composite industry that our carbon fiber prepreg can stand the test of the competitive market, from material performance to production capacity. This also proves that Hengshen’s strategy is correct for insisting on contributing to our country via developing the carbon fiber industry. The reason why Hengshen commands attention from the domestic and international markets and gains approval from our governments is due to our continuous investment to support a vertically integrated supply chain including carbon fiber, resin, prepreg, composite testing, etc.”

In recent years, says Hengshen, Bombardier has tested a range of its prepreg. Results proved that Hengshen prepreg could meet Bombardier’s requirements for material performance and consistency.

“This agreement will help to speed up development and further strengthen our core competence. Hengshen supplying prepregs to the international composite market proves that Chinese carbon fiber is truly established, which signifies the arrival of a new era in the carbon fiber industry,” Qian says.