Headwear protection manufacturer incorporates styrenics-based composites

INEOS Styrolutions’ carbon fiber composite StyLight Hybrid S material offers Casco International’s customers more protection in demanding environments.


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Casco Internationals' carbon fiber composite-based helmet

Photo Credit: INEOS Styrolution

It was reported on Sept. 24 that Casco International GmbH (Bretnig-Hauswalde, Germany), a designer and manufacturer of safety helmets and glasses incorporates INEOS Styrolution (Frankfurt, Germany) StyLight composite material into its design. According to INEOS Styrolution, StyLight became popular as the first styrenics-based thermoplastic composite, delivering excellent surface quality in combination with high stiffness and rigidity. 

Casco says it selected the carbon fiber composite StyLight Hybrid S for its new designs to offer customers more protection in demanding environments, and a product that addresses its customer’s lifestyles.

“Our company tries to stay at the forefront of innovation. The performance of this new material fits our needs and we appreciate the support from INEOS Styrolution. We are confident that our customers will like the new StyLight helmets,” says Manfred Krauter, CEO of Casco.


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