Harper wins $38 million carbon fiber production contract

Harper will provide oxidation ovens, carbonization systems, waste gas abatement, fiber handling, controls and other services for an unidentified carbon fiber manufacturer.

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Harper International (Buffalo, N.Y., USA), a manufacturer of thermal processing solutions for advanced materials, reported on March 11 that it has been selected by a prominent firm to provide equipment and machinery for its production-scale carbon fiber conversion line. The contracts include, but are not limited to, advanced 3m-wide oxidation ovens, low-temperature and high-temperature carbonization systems, waste gas abatement systems, fiber handling and integrated additional unit operations, controls and services, valued at approximately $38 million.

Harper says that its proprietary atmospheric seals help reduce fugitive emissions, increase the active volume of the oven and offer reduced energy consumption compared to other systems. For the customer, this and other technology advancements are expected to lead to optimized fiber quality and production rates due to faster oxidation, improved velocity uniformity and range capability, temperature uniformity and optimal control of the reaction.

“Our global leadership in carbon fiber production system technology continues to be validated by clients who place their trust in Harper’s staff to conceive and implement the world’s most efficient integrated plants,” says Charles Miller, president of Harper. “Harper’s cutting-edge technology, combined with our respected Pulse service program, provides customers with the most secure path to success in carbon fiber production. We strive to be identified as offering the most superior technology on the market for a range of fiber precursors, from research scale Microlines, to the largest scale production plants in the industry.”