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Gurit Tooling, Barracuda Advanced Composites team up

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The cooperation aims to serve the Brazilian wind energy tooling market.


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Gurit Tooling (Wattwil, Switzerland) and Barracuda Advanced Composites (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) are collaborating to support Gurit Tooling customers and users in Brazil with local in-depth knowledge and experience through Barracuda's technology team.

With a cumulative installed wind energy capacity of more than 5 GW, Brazil plays an important role in the global wind energy market. Gurit Tooling has been selling wind blade molds into the Brazilian market for years. The cooperation with Barracuda now adds quick and local high-quality service availability in the region.

As part of the collaboration, Barracuda service engineers are trained by Gurit Tooling in the latest wind blade mold manufacturing technologies including the company's patented heating systems to support the full range of installation and operation service tasks. 


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