Gurit supports Indian Wind Energy industry with major investments

The company is investing more than 20 million CHF to set up a core material kitting factory and production site for blade molds, core material extrusion operation and more.


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Source | Gurit

Gurit (Zurich, Switzerland) announced on July 24 a major investment plan of more than 20 million CHF (about $22 million USD) to support the Indian Wind Energy industry.

In order to participate in the growing Indian Wind Energy market needs for rotor blades for domestic use and export, Gurit says it has decided to establish a significant manufacturing presence beginning in 2020 and through to 2022. The company notes that it is setting up a core material kitting facility in the north Indian Gujarat region which will go on line early 2021. Further, during 2021 and completing in 2022, Gurit plans to establish a large production site in the south Indian region of Tamil Nadu where it will set up a tooling operation for blade molds and accessories, a core material extrusion operation for PET core material and a second kitting plant in one integrated campus. For more than a decade, Gurit says it has been serving the Indian subcontinent out of its sales office in Pune, India which is also the home base of its tooling installation and service field force for that region.

“With global wind turbine generator OEMs’ confirming their strong local and export order books in India, which, combined represent almost 10% of annual global demand, Gurit is taking a major investment step to support our customers’ mission with localized manufacturing which will create proximity, supply flexibility and provide a much increased level of competitiveness,” states Rudolf Hadorn, CEO of Gurit.