Gurit sells automotive composites business to Carbopress

The Hungary-based components manufacturing business has been sold to Italian-based Carbopress.


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Gurit (Zurich, Switzerland) reported on Feb. 11 that it has sold the full equity of its Gurit Hungary Kft composite components business to Carbopress S.p.A., an Italian-based advanced composite parts manufacturer that specializes in parts for the automotive industry.

In October 2019, Gurit previously announced that it would close this automotive business in summer 2020, having been unable to locate a buyer for the company. Gurit reports that it was after this previous announcement that Carbopress expressed interest in the acquisition.

According to the company, the signing and closing of the transaction occurred concurrently, and the price has not been disclosed.

“It is positive that we could find a solution for the employees and the customers,” says Rudolf Hadorn, Gurit CEO. Gurit Hungary employs 144 staff members. 

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