Gurit Kitting extends major wind core kit supply contract

The three-year contract will generate net sales of around $140 million USD with an expected revenue increase of approx $11-17 million USD per year.


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AWEA wind turbines

Photo Credit: AWEA

Gurit (Zurich, Switzerland) announced in Sept. 2020 a three-year core material engineering and kit supply agreement with a major wind turbine manufacturer, the name of which was not disclosed. The agreement is said to be an extension of an existing three-year contract which was close to expiration.

The new contract is expected to generate net sales of around 130 million CHF, or Swiss Francs (approximately $140 million USD) over the contract period. Further, according to the contract, Gurit will be providing a bigger share of volume of this major wind OEM’s kit demand and at current material terms an expected revenue increase of 10-15 million CHF (approx. $11-17 million USD) per year.

“We are pleased to expand our cooperation to bring further engineered kitting solutions to the global market with one of our key business partners. This agreement includes volumes to be supplied from our new location in India and underlines the importance of the global presence and our well-established business model,” says Andreas Kipker, general manager of Gurit’s Kitting business unit.

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