Gurit blade repair system receives GL certification

Gurit has received Germanischer Lloyd certification for RENUVO, its wind blade repair system that offers a wider weather window than traditional systems, and cures in place with UV light.

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Gurit (Isle of Wight, U.K.), a supplier of composite materials and technical solutions, reported on Nov. 8 that it has secured certification from Germanischer Lloyd (GL) for RENUVO, Gurit's new wind blade repair system.

RENUVO offers a wider weather window for repair, with a working temperature range starting at 5˚C/41°F. Traditional wet laminating materials must normally be used above 15˚C/50°F as they can suffer from biproduct and handling issues. Summer and Winter grade versions of the RENUVOT MPS (multi-purpose system) and RENUVOTM PP (prepreg) are available to cope with most conditions.

RENUVO uses UV light to cure materials in minutes. A spot lamp is available for simple maintenance repairs, with a higher intensity product available for deeper structural repairs.

Rudolf Gerber, general manager Wind Energy, comments, “Achieving GL certification is an important milestone in the market acceptance of this new technology which is a key component in our strategy to reduce the cost of wind energy”.