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Gurit announces wind market supply contracts

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The company has secured supply contracts for core materials with two world leading wind OEMs.


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wind energy, composite materials, composites

Source | Gurit

Gurit (Wattwil, Switzerland) has announced supply contracts for core materials which have been secured with two world leading wind OEMs for its Composite Materials business unit.

The three- respectively four-year contracts, are expected to deliver Net Sales of CHF 200 million over the respective contract periods, are a continuation of existing supply agreements, mainly for PET, and are in line with communicated Group sales targets for 2019. 

“These contracts are a confirmation for our strategic focus on the wind turbine market,” says  Rudolf Hadorn, CEO of Gurit. “We are excited about these growth perspectives and our teams are fully committed to harvest the new opportunities.”

In order to fulfil the contracted and anticipated market demand, Gurit is investing in two PET-extruders, in addition to the three existing ones in Italy and China. The first new extruder is scheduled to be commissioned in 2020 at the existing extrusion site in Tianjin, China. The second extruder is also expected to become operational in 2020 at the new Matamoros site in Mexico, where Gurit opened up a Kitting services facility earlier in 2019.


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