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1/26/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

Gougeon Brothers named technical supplier to ORACLE TEAM USA

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Gougeon Brothers is converting a standard shipping container into a portable epoxy mixing room for ORACLE TEAM USA as it begins fabrication of the AC62 yacht, which will defend the team at the 35th America's Cup race in Bermuda in summer 2017.

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Gougeon Brothers Inc. (Bay City, MI, US), manufacturer of PRO SET epoxy, reports that it has again been named a technical supplier to ORACLE TEAM USA, the defending champion going into the 35th America’s Cup match to be held in Bermuda in summer 2017.

As a technical supplier of adhesives and epoxy resins to ORACLE TEAM USA, the Geougeon Brothers will supply ORACLE TEAM USA with PRO-SET laminating, infusion, adhesive and specialty epoxies. Sampling and materials testing will be provided through the company's Technical Services Department, as well as a custom, portable mixing and fabrication room.

“We're excited to once again supply PRO-SET epoxies in an official capacity to ORACLE TEAM USA in their campaign to defend the America's Cup,” says Alan Gurski, president of Gougeon Brothers. "We were a technical supplier of resins and adhesives for their 2013 campaign too, and we are thrilled with how well that turned out," he says, alluding to the team's remarkable success in the 2013 America's Cup match.

The concept of a customized, portable epoxy mixing room is a fresh one for the company. Gurski says, "We're building the mixing room here at Gougeon Brothers to meet ORACLE TEAM USA's specs. We're working to convert a standard shipping container to provide a convenient, comfortable and controlled environment with the necessary equipment, space, safety gear and storage to meet ORACLE TEAM USA's epoxy mixing and laminate preparation needs on the go.

He said the completed mixing room will include fireproof cabinets, an HVAC unit, compressed air distribution, 120-VAC lighting and convenience power, a downdraft table, cabinets, countertops and more. It will arrive at ORACLE TEAM USA's base in Bermuda stocked with a variety of PRO-SET resins and hardeners. The exterior will be branded with PRO-SET's familiar green and white logo.

All materials and activities provided by Gougeon will all be in support of ORACLE TEAM USA as they develop and build their AC62 defending yacht, an extremely light, fast and efficient wingsail-powered catamaran that should top out around 50 mph (43 knots), for the 2017 America’s Cup Match.

"We are delighted to renew our partnership with PRO-SET, their technical and logistic support has been of great help in our past campaign performance and this new mixing room concept will no doubt prove very efficient with the time compressed challenges of our next defense preparation," says Grant Simmer, ORACLE TEAM USA general manager.


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