Global Fiberglass Solutions announces wind turbine blade recycling solution

The fiberglass recycling company’s patented BladeTracker software provides real-time data for end-of-life composite wind blades, making the recycling process more efficient. 
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Global Fiberglass Solutions of Texas LLC (GFS, Sweetwater, TX, US) has announced a digital technology to support its end-of-life wind blades and fiberglass waste recycling business. 

The company’s patented BladeTracker software provides real-time data, specs and the location of each blade. Utilization of the software allows GFS to track the composite structure of each blade, making the recycling process easier and more efficient. Blades are tracked from point of collection all the way through manufacturing. All new products carry a certificate of manufacturing, which identifies the recycled blades used in production. OEM and wind farm operators can receive a certificate of decommissioning and certify the full environmental sustainability of their repowering projects.