GKN Aerospace delivers first composite winglets for Bombardier CSeries

After three years of design, test and initial manufacturing, GKN Aerospace has delivered the first production set of winglets to Bombardier Aerospace for the new Bombardier CSeries 100- to 149-seat commercial aircraft.

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GKN Aerospace (Isle of Wight, U.K.) reported on Jan. 14 that it has delivered the first production aircraft set of winglets to Bombardier Aerospace (Belfast, Ireland) for the new Bombardier CSeries aircraft that will serve the 100– to 149-seat market segment.

Delivery of the composite winglets has followed a three-year design, test and initial manufacturing program that GKN says has minimized winglet weight and complexity and maximized aircraft fuel efficiency through improved design and state-of-the-art manufacture and assembly. The CSeries aircraft is scheduled to enter into service in 2014.

GKN says the winglets will make an important contribution to the CSeries aircraft’s targets in relation to fuel burn, emissions, range and performance, which reportedly will beat any current aircraft in its class. Across aviation, winglets are transforming the performance of aircraft, reducing wing drag to bring significant fuel savings — with consequent reductions in aircraft emissions and improvements in payload and range.

Phil Swash, CEO – Europe & Special Products Group, GKN Aerospace, comments: “The design and development of this winglet has involved the full expertise of our team. We are commencing now on a production program that will continue beyond the end of the first quarter of this century.”